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Glenda G - GG's Studio Designs
Stained Glass Fern
Stained Glass Sunflower Stem
Stained glass has always captivated my attention; the colors are hypnotic and have the ability to change my mood.

Pieces take on different looks throughout the day as the light changes, their colors and patterns wander, inviting your thoughts to wander with them.

Making the world sparkle with color!

I don't actually know how long I've been doing stained glass, 15 maybe 20 years? It all started on a whim, I took a class at a community college and I was hooked! Back then I did not have a dedicated space to work and my full time job kept me very busy so finding time to “play” was tough and stained glass often took a back seat to life. Since that first class I've studied with different people, rented studio time and read most anything I can. What I have found is that sometimes experimenting is the best way to learn.

I am mostly inspired by nature; specifically, plants and foliage, but I am drawn to color and love things that are fun and/or funky too. When I am creating or putting a piece together my mind drifts and I can lose myself, it's almost a form of meditation. My studio is in my basement, which is convenient because I can multitask (a/ka/do laundry) and I have the benefit of working whenever I want. Stained glass is also very messy so it is great to have a dedicated space where I can walk away and close the door when I'm through.  

These days stained glass takes up the majority of my time, if I'm not working on something I'm usually thinking about my next piece or researching something new I want to try. I guess you could say I am exploring my creative voice. I have some of my pieces at local shops and sell online and at shows, but what I really enjoy is having the opportunity to meet and chat with people because it gives me a chance to connect.

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